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Pictures of 2014 LULAC Council’s 3190 3rd Annual Health Fair

Setting the gym, the day before the health fair.
Setting the gym, the day before the health fair.
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The Helpful People from Honda showed up…they helped empty full trash cans. They were totally unexpected
The local radio station 99.1 was there early in the morning to offer coffee to those people standing in line!
Lupita Esquivel , Secretary of LULAC had the all important job of running registration.
The parking lots at the Cesar Chavez center were full way before the opening.
Just some of the line for registration early in the morning.
The vendors just beginning to set up early in the morning.
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IBEW was just one of our many sponsor and they also contributed union members to help set up and helps us take everything down. Here there sign is in back of a table that checked everyone’s vital signs before they received services
The line for services went around the block. The need is great!
Where our many volunteers checked in.
The mobile clinic of one of our main health providers..The Riverside County Regional Medical Center. They provided several doctors for primary health care. Thank goodness they were there..during the course of the health fair they saved a person’s life who happened to have a heart attack.
The calm before the storm. This is where dental procedures were performed.
This is another one of our partners..before the day was done they had tested and given out more than 430 pairs of eyeglasses.
Just a list of some of the services we offered. This year we also added ear screenings along with free mammograms.
The Lions Club in Action!
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The Tzuchi org and one of our main partners and their local youth organization at UCR.
People signing up for the Affordable Care Act!
Attendees waiting to be seen by a medical doctor.
Riverside Assemblymen Jose Medina had a presence at the health Fair.
The councilmen of the Ward where the health fair was being held..Andy Melendez.
Members of Lulac coordinating the vendors
DSC00909 (1)
LULAC 3190 President Gilberto Esquivel with Riverside’s Mayor the Honorable Rusty Bailey.
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Riverside County Supervisor and health fair supporter Marion Ashley at dinner after the health fair.
Early in the morning before the health fair opened. Believe it or not this area was used for mental health counseling and it was busy all day long.
This area was used for acupuncture. and it was very busy.
Early in the morning the lines were long and the parking lots were full
The line for registration went around the block
Attendees registering in the auditorium at Cesar Chavez Community Center
Before people received the services they desired their vital signs were checked.
The Lions Club, Friends in Sight are one of biggest providers. Totally organized and able to able to adapt to unexpected circumstances..that’s why they can furnish over 430 glasses to attendees in a day.
Teaching everyone about the importance of dental hygiene.
We ended up feeding more than 300 providers and volunteers that day.
This is one of our chapters banners. The MIGHTY 3190!!!!
People were happy that day because they were going to receive much needed services.
Some of the providers and volunteers at the dinner at the end of the health fair. It was at the end of a very long but rewarding day.
Our Lulac Members and volunteers starting arriving before 5 a.m. in the morning an already more than 200 attendees were standing in line.
After the attendees registered and their vital signs were taken they waited in the auditorium for their numbers to be called.
Attendees patiently waiting to register outside the auditorium.
The need was great as people waiting to register lined around the block.
DSC00903 (1)
Some of our many providers, in the case members of Friends in Sight, enjoying a delicious burrito.
DSC00911 (1)
Some of the dentists and volunteers enjoying dinner after a very long but rewarding day.
DSC00918 (2)
Table of our student volunteers enjoying a light moment at the after dinner.

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