LULAC of Riverside, Council #3190 is a community service organization designed to actively promote civic and educational opportunities.  As part of a national association, LULAC has traditionally encouraged integration into American society, fostered bilingual skills to extend the cultural horizons of our nation, establish cooperative relations with civic and governmental institutions and agencies, and uphold the rights guaranteed to every individual by our state and national laws to assure justice and equal treatment under the law.

LULAC of Riverside will continue to serve the people and the community, by whatever means possible, whether it’s through non-partisan political engagement or providing information and resources to our community. Your time, dedication, and commitment are needed to help improve the quality of life for all, for our people, for our children, for our future! Join LULAC of Riverside, and help to bring about the needed changes in our community.

LULAC of Riverside’s General Meetings are held every 2nd Thursday of the month, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at  3600 Lime Street #421, Rvierside CA, 92501.

Print the membership form and bring it to the meeting or mail it to:

LULAC of Riverside
P.O. Box 1414 Riverside, CA 92501

Membership Fees
  • New Members: $47
  • Renewing Members:  $41 (excludes the one time charter fee).
  • Student members:  $27
  • Renewing Student Members:  $21 (excludes the one time charter fee).

***Please make check payable to LULAC of Riverside

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